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Online finance courses

Whether your career is moving into a new sector or you are a financial professional looking to stay at the top of your game, training is the best way to achieve your goals. After all, the sector is constantly evolving. But if you want to progress in your career, you can’t stop working for months or even years at a time. This is why an online finance course is so attractive. You can keep your skills up to date and earn a diploma or certificate that is recognised by companies, while continuing to work.
EDHEC offers several online finance courses, with different types of programmes to suit your profile and goals.


Online finance programmes

What are the advantages of online courses in finance?

Online courses in finance are a crucial part of your professional growth. Regularly updating your skills and knowledge is what will make you stay on top. Finance and society in general have changed in recent years, and you need to keep up with newer developments, such as data science and machine learning, which are changing the face of the sector.

Of course, online finance programmes are also available for newcomers to the sector, with courses dedicated to the fundamentals, such as profit and loss analysis, to help managers make better decisions taking into account the company’s financial situation.

Once you have completed your online finance training course, you will be in the best possible position to secure a promotion or a better salary.

And of course, you’ll enjoy the benefits of online education: you won’t have to stop in the middle of your career and the programme will be more affordable (as you won’t have to travel to the distance learning centre or book a hotel room).

What will you learn during your online finance course?

MSc in Corporate Finance

The Master of Science in Corporate Finance is designed for managers and project managers who want to deepen their knowledge of finance and business management.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to drive sustainable growth for your organisation through your ability to measure the impact of strategic, commercial, operational and financial decisions on your organisation’s value creation. You will also be able to promote the importance of finance to colleagues in all departments.

The programme is made up of four core subjects, for a total of 11 modules:


  • Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales in a Digital World
  • Managerial Accounting


  • Corporate FinanceValuation
  • M&A Private Equity


  • Project Finance
  • Risk Management


  • Managing Innovation
  • Supply ChainManagerial Economics

You will also complete a consulting project in groups of 3 to 4 to put into practice what you will be learning.

This programme is perfect to access jobs such as:

Corporate finance certificate

The certificate in corporate finance is designed for managers and all professionals with responsibilities related to administrative, financial and cash management.

The programme’s objective is to teach you to understand the impact of day-to-day decisions on the company’s financial situation, but also to make strategic decisions and to communicate on the investment and financing decisions of your company.

The programme consists of 10 learning modules:

  • Using finance to explain company strategy
  • Finance, an excellent decision-making tool
  • P&L – part 1
  • P&L – part 2
  • Profit and Loss Analysis as a Performance Measurement
  • The balance sheet
  • Working capital requirement
  • “Cash is king!”
  • The cash flow statement
  • Profitability as a management guidance tool

Once you have obtained your online certificate, you will be able to take up a position in a financial role in organisations such as financial institutions, financial departments or consulting firms.

Investment management with python & machine learning (MOOC)

EDHEC Business offers 4 different MOOCs that can be taken independently and that deliver a certificate. They are taught by experts from EDHEC, Princeton University and thought leaders from the finance sector.

The 4 MOOCs are:

  • Introduction to Portfolio Construction and Analysis with Python
  • Advanced portfolio construction and analysis with Python
  • Python machine-learning for investment management
  • Python machine-learning for investment management with alternative datasets

These MOOCs will teach you how to code in Python and use existing Python libraries, as well as understanding machine learning and how it applies to financial data management. Upon completion, you will have advanced skills in analytical methods and the ability to incorporate non-financial data sets into your investment decisions.

What soft skills will I acquire during my course?

An online course in finance will not only teach you hard skills, you will also gain valuable soft skills. For example, communication is critical in this sector, since you need to be able to explain your recommendations and the importance of finance and how day-to-day decisions affect it. An online programme will help you improve your communication skills, as you will need them to keep in touch with your professors and other members of the working group you will be joining.

It will also improve your teamwork, another important skill to develop in finance, as you will never work alone in this sector and will always be in contact with managers and other departments in addition to other members of your team.

You will also need to develop other important soft skills such as time management.

Why should you choose to pursue an online finance programme with EDHEC?

Programmes that meet the needs of companies

One of the most important factors for an online financial training programme is to meet the real needs of companies. EDHEC Business School keeps you in touch with the business world.

Our teaching staff is made up of qualified professors and working professionals who share their practical experience with you.

Moreover, we have many partner companies with whom we are constantly improving our programmes to train the best financial managers.

Choose an expert recognised business school

EDHEC Business School is an internationally recognised school. For example, the Financial Times ranked us in the top 10 best European business schools. We are also accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.

With our expertise, we also founded EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute, which helps companies and public institutions to manage the financial risks associated with climate change. The aim is to become a leading academic reference in the field of finance in the context of climate change.

By graduating from our school, you will obtain a diploma that is recognised by companies in the entire world.

Pursue your online training in finance with EDHEC

Online finance courses are the best way to advance your career. Programmes are available for all profiles, from beginners who need to learn the basics to specialists who want to deepen their knowledge of the most advanced topics in the sector.

With EDHEC Business School’s international reputation, you can significantly enhance your professional profile and get the raise or promotion you are looking for.

Choose one of our finance training programmes and boost your career.